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Master’s Program in TEFL

Akreditasi B

SK BAN-PT No. 1079/SK/BAN-PT/Akred/M/VII/2016


Master of Education program in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) that excels both nationally and internationally.


Producing masters of education whose thoughts, works and actions are based upon the values of social concerns, commitment to humanity, and enthusiasm for the improvement of civilization.

Producing masters of education with high level of English proficiency and who demonstrate a competitive excellence in education and teaching.

Producing masters of education who are skilled in formulating problems, analyzing alternative solutions and making decisions.


Master of Education in TEFL Program of Magister P.B.I (MPBI)

The Study program is now offering the possibility for teachers of English to take credit-earning activities by joining the Educational Leadership or Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) as the Elective Programs of the Master of Education in TEFL. At the end of each course, a participant who passes the course will receive a certificate. To maintain the quality of our school, we employ qualified teaching staff all holding doctoral degrees and some of them being full professors.

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Aims of the Program

The Master of Education program in TEFL is an exciting opportunity for qualified individuals to deepen their understanding of English language teaching theories and practices. This is achieved through taught units, practice teaching, workshops and research opportunities in English language teaching. Comfortable classrooms with modern teaching media enable multi entry students having different teaching experiences to learn and develop their English and ELT as well. The program also allows students to reflect on both the aims of English language teaching and the appropriateness of techniques for achieving success. Graduates of this Study Program are expected to be competent English Education practitioners at any level of education. Furthermore, graduates of this course are also ready to continue their study to the higher level of education, the doctorate program, in the field of ELT.

The best in English education for:

Teachers at all levels of education.
Education Leaders.
Education Entrepreneurs.
Education Consultants.


The total of 44 credits covers the two-years or four-semester study. The inter-semester program can help students finish their study on time.


The matriculation courses are designed to equip new students with knowledge in English linguistics and skills of writing. To ensure that the students earn knowledge and skills, the lecturers will administer a quiz at the end of a meeting and a final evaluation in the form of project paper at the end of the courses.
Matriculation courses are:

Writing Workshop ( 2 Credits )
Introduction to Linguistics ( 2 Credits )

List Of Course

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Major Program


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Semester 1 Credits
Advanced Acedemic English 3 Credits
Principles of English Language Teaching 2 Credits
Sociolinguistics 2 Credits
Current Issues in ELT 3 Credits
Semester 2 Credits
Quantitative Research Methodology & Statistics for Language Education 2 Credits
Qualitative Research Methodology & CAR 2 Credits
Teaching Language Skills 3 Credits
Applied Linguistics 3 Credits
SLA 2 Credits
Semester 3 Credits
Workshop Training 2 Credits
Language Assessment & Testing 2 Credits
Discourse Analysis 2 Credits
Graduate Research Project 2 Credits
Semester 4 Credits
Peer Teaching 2 Credits
Syllabus and Material Development 2 Credits
Thesis Writing 6 Credits

Minor Program

Semester 1 Credits
Advanced TEYL 1* 2 Credits
Educational Leadership 2 Credits
Semester 3 Credits
Advance TEYL 2* 2 Credits
Education Administration and Development* 2 Credits

Faculty Member

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